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Facebook Users Rejoice: New Facebook Feature Lets Users Save Items For Later

Facebook users rejoice: New Facebook feature lets users save items for later

From a user’s point of view:

Sometimes, there are things I find on Facebook that I’d want to save for later. Maybe I’d want to reference it in the future, or I don’t have to time to read the entire thing, but it’s frustrating because sometimes I forgot where I saw a certain post. This new feature will let me bookmark articles and places so I don’t have to remember where I first saw it! Thanks, Facebook!

From a page manager’s point of view:

Finally! My falling organic reach may not be so much of a problem now! Now that my fans can save links to read later, the shelf-life of my content on Facebook can increase! Thanks, Facebook!

Facebook recently announced a new mobile feature that’s good for both users AND page managers — a way to save contents for later. While Facebook’s blog post revealed that users may only be able to save article links, places (like restaurants), music, movies and TV shows, we can only hope that users will also be able to save actual status updates and photo posts, as well. I suppose we’ll have to wait until the feature is rolled out to see if we can, in fact, save all of that.

Check out their teaser video below.

So, what do you think? Did Facebook finally do something good for both marketers and users, or is this another bump in the snooze-fest of recent Facebook updates?

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