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Facebook Friendship Page – A Business Benefit?

Facebook Friendship Page – A Business Benefit?

If you thought you were connected with your friends before, you’re going to be amazed to see all that the new Facebook Friendship Page does for you. The Facebook Friendship Page features are just rolling out now, so it may not be available for all users yet.  The goal of the Facebook Friendship Page is to allow you to see how deeply you are connected with your Facebook friends through shared videos, posts and pictures.

How the Facebook Friendship Page Works

Next to a status update, you’ll sometimes see the message “See Friendship” which will open up your mutual Facebook Friendship page. You might also see a conversation between two friends (or coworkers) that has the “See Friendship” option – this will only happen if you have permission to see both profiles. Facebook Friendship Pages show how the two people  have interacted and what they have in common.  You can see mutual wall posts, comments, likes, events they have both attended, and photos they have both been tagged in. In fact, Facebook goes as far as choosing a profile picture for the two friends.  Are you curious to see other Friendship Pages? Just go to the top right (above the ads) and type in two names. Find out who the two most interconnected people you know are or investigate a friendship between one of your friends and someone you don’t know.

Facebook Friendship Page

Facebook Friendship Page

The new Facebook Friendship Page feature can be fun and interesting for personal uses, but also helpful for business purposes. For starters, if one of your employees recommends someone as a new hire, then it may be within your means to view their interaction. Events get added exposure, with no additional work because they show up on the Facebook Friendship Page if two people are attending. You could also create a buzz through comments if someone views your Friendship Page and decides to comment on a conversation you are having about an upcoming event.

Friendship Page Privacy Concerns

Having a Facebook Friendship Page, which at this point is not optional, has its potential downsides. Added exposure could mean increased privacy concerns.    If you are concerned about oversharing details of your private life, be sure to review your privacy options.

What do you think?  Do you like the new Facebook Friendship Pages?  Do you think it will help you or hurt you when it comes to creating a business presence on Facebook?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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