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Save Time By Automating Your Twitter Account

Save Time By Automating Your Twitter Account

Tired of managing your Twitter by manually searching for people to follow and slowly growing your audience? Wouldn’t it be great to totally automate your Twitter account while still maintaining a personal feel? To do this, one of the tools we use is Tweet Adder.  We love this project so much we became an affiliate.

This Twitter automation software has been available for a few years and it has seen continued popularity because of its low cost, high impact. There have been a few glitches here and there, like when Twitter blocked their link shortener, but for the most part Tweet Adder is a great product and one you should be using.
Tweet Adder is user friendly and fairly intuitive. Some of our favorite features include:
  • Targeted search capabilities that allow you to automatically follow a specified number of users each day based on keywords, location, and more. That way your Followers/Following ratio is balanced.
  • Automated Twitter Search that adds people using keywords you are interested in.
  • Multiple account management.
  • Randomizes automation so it seems more natural.
  • Automatically unfollows people who aren’t engaging with you.
  • In depth Twitter stats.
  • Scheduled Tweets that can be uniquely generated so you can say the same thing in different ways. This allows you to test the best way to get your message across!
  • Automated direct messages. Release a new book? Send a personalized message to all your Twitter followers and offer them a loyalty discount.
There are many more features listed on their website. Learn more about Tweet Adder by watching tutorials and be sure to download the free demo. We’re confident that once you try it you won’t know how you survived without it.

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