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4 Photos You Should Always Post To Your Facebook Page

4 photos you should always post to your Facebook page

Some photos are too cliché. Some photos are too expected. But there are always a few photos that will always resonate with people. Not that any of these photos will bring about more revenue or will cause a Facebook user to consider purchasing from your brand, but because these types of photos are timeless.

Whenever you feel stuck on deciding what type of photo to post next to your Facebook page, try one of these 4 types of images to engage your audience:

Babies (or animals) with your product

Flickr: Steve Paine

Okay, maybe babies are a little cliché, but despite everyone’s public intolerance to excessive baby photos on their Facebook feed, who can truly dislike a cute baby looking all… cute? And for a little bit of a bonus for brand exposure, have them engaged with your product (considering that it is safe for babies or animals to be around, of course!).

Graphic inspirational and motivational quotes

Yep — you’ve seen these. Heck, you probably see at least one a day on Facebook. But that is because they work. They’re effective because people will always need a dose of inspiration or a kick in the butt to do more work. Motivational quotes, as omnipresent as they may seem, get people to act and share. The more powerful the quote, the better!

Charity or volunteer work by you or your team

Flickr: Pablo Castro

We’d be remiss if we said that you should volunteer in order to get meaningful photos for your Facebook page. But, if and when your company decides to go out and do volunteer work, make sure to take some photos! Good deeds will never go out of style. People love knowing that you’re active in helping out in your local community.

Compelling imagery and art relative to your business

DeviantArt: Olga Wilson

The world is an ugly place. Art is an underappreciated form of expression. Add some color and creativity to your fans’ feeds by finding quality art pieces or meaningful imagery that will get your audience talking. Art means different things to different people, and that’s okay! Just remember that if you’re going to post up a picture that’s not yours, be sure to credit the artist or the source. People will appreciate that and will hopefully return the favor.


  • Humorous images, but be careful. Some humor can be too mature or distasteful — don’t alienate your audience with an ill-intentioned joke. To be sure your joke won’t displace your brand image, ask a few other people to screen your picture.
  • Creative uses of your products. Though, this would only work for businesses with actual product to sell, but if you have a service business, try thinking of a creative way someone could use your services!


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