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4 Powerful Tips To Attract Money-in-hand Customers On LinkedIn

4 powerful tips to attract money-in-hand customers on LinkedIn

The popular professional social network LinkedIn is a great place for referrals and gaining business — you just don’t know it yet. While the number of accounts being created on LinkedIn is increasing by the minute, it’s just that many more people are confused about what they should do next to help their business. 

We recently held a free webinar with Jimena Cortes, lead gen and marketing expert who’s helped many clients gain amazing ROI from LinkedIn, including herself. She calls her LinkedIn profile a “high converting sales letter,” and she teaches others how to efficiently get the point across to potential customers on what you do.

From our engaging video chat with Jimena, here are 4 major takeaways that you can use right now to supercharge your LinkedIn activities:

  1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile, and stand out
    Don’t look like every other person’s “boring old resume.” What can you put in your headline that will grab the attention of others on LinkedIn? Use case studies in the summary section to show others what you have done for your clients. Essentially, you want your profile to quickly inform prospective clients what you can bring to the table.
  2. Personalize your connection request to others
    When you “request to connect” with profiles on LinkedIn, the platform generates an automatic message along with the request. This is actually a very valuable opportunity to start a conversation by customizing that message! Additionally, Jimena, after checking the profile for a possible scam, will actually reply to most connection requests and ask why they want to connect with her. You’ll be surprised at not only the reply rate, but also exactly what it is they need from you!
  3. Get active on LinkedIn groups
    Join an established group and provide your expertise to those seeking help. When you answer questions or provide valuable insights, everyone in the group will be able to see just how knowledgeable you are. The more you are active in the group, the more exposure you get, and the more potential customers you can reach. Want something more advanced? Start your own LinkedIn group. As a group moderator, you’ll be able to send one announcement per week to all of your group members’ email addresses (bypassing the LinkedIn inbox), which is very important for this reason: Emails from LinkedIn are opened up 7x more often than regular emails!
  4. Get recommendations from others to enhance your profile
    LinkedIn has a built-in testimonial system called Recommendations. You can leave reviews for other profiles on LinkedIn, and vice-versa. Send Recommendation requests to people you trust to leave you great reviews, or give one out yourself — you may get one back! Recommendations is a powerful tool that’s often overlooked. What’s better than telling people how great you are? Having other people tell others how great you are.

Below you can view the full video of our insightful chat with Jimena. Get more in-depth info of all the tips above, along with more suggestions that we didn’t list out here, like the major differences between endorsements and recommendations, utilizing status updates and the exceptional value of LinkedIn ads.

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