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Blair Singer’s Chat With Champions Call. Get Results From Social Media Marketing.

Blair Singer’s Chat with Champions Call. Get Results From Social Media Marketing.

Social Media MarketingIf you are one of the millions of business professionals who struggle with how to get RESULTS from social media marketing then we invite you to join us for a FREE Chat with Champions call hosted by Blair Singer.

Blair Singer knows how to cut through the clutter and get to sales results!  He’s putting Adrianne & Rachel on the phone line to get you to think about your bottom line!

He’s asking us to lay it all out there – and we promise we will. From measuring ROI to building a competitive edge, we will give you the SCOOP!

We know that despite TONS of free advice out there, there is still a lot of confusion and frustration around social media marketing. Many see social media as a daunting task with few rewards.  They reluctantly set up social media profiles, half-heartedly post a few things and then wonder why they aren’t getting results. Hmmm….how curious indeed!

Even worse is the over-enthusiastic social media marketer who is spamming the heck out of every LinkedIn group, and repeatedly getting banned from adding friends on Facebook and Twitter.  We don’t want you to be that guy either.

Instead of winging it, start by learning what works.  Adrianne Machina & Rachel Perlmutter will tell you about working with Blair Singer, and how they’ve helped him implement a no nonsense business approach to social media. If you want to know how then join us February 23 at 4pm PT/7pm ET.

By tuning into Chat with Champions you will learn how to:

  • Produce an effective social media strategy
  • Choose the best social networking sites for you company
  • Save time with automation tools
  • Stand out in the crowd and get people’s attention

Chat with Champions is a perk of Blair’s private membership group, the All Access Club, and features internationally renowned authors like Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki and Harvey Mackey.  For this special social media session, Blair is waiving the normal fee and inviting the public to attend for free. To gain access, for the February 23 at 4pm PT/7pm ET call, simply visit:

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