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Facebook users rejoice: New Facebook feature lets users save items for later

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From a user’s point of view: Sometimes, there are things I find on Facebook that I’d want to save for later. Maybe I’d want to reference it in the future, or I don’t have to time to read the entire…

3 ways to convince someone to get into social media

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We all know at least a few people who refuse to participate in social media. And while everyone has their reasons why they prefer not to, there are plenty more reasons TO do it, especially if you own a business.…

Ways to take advantage of Twitter’s photo tagging feature

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Last week, the micro-blogging platform announced two new features that will delight avid Twitter users -- one will allow you to tag up to 10 Twitter accounts in a photo, and the other will allow up to four photos in…

3 things your business needs to do on Pinterest in 2014

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For many retailers, Pinterest is driving a lot of traffic to their site, and converting more customers than other social networks. Aside from being a game-changer in social media, it has also changed the way many users shop online and…

Blair Singer’s Chat with Champions Call. Get Results From Social Media Marketing.

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If you are one of the millions of business professionals who struggle with how to get RESULTS from social media marketing then we invite you to join us for a FREE Chat with Champions call hosted by Blair Singer. Blair…

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