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Now Is The Time To Increase Your Facebook Efforts

Now is the time to increase your Facebook efforts

It’s no secret that Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social media networks out there. And it makes sense that online marketers use Facebook to reach their audience. But even in the midst of all the negativity surrounding the tech giant these days, there has never been a better time to increase your marketing efforts through this channel.

It’s true — Facebook’s organic reach for brand pages has dropped dramatically, and it’s not sitting well with a lot of marketers. But we here at Art of Online Marketing have always been at the forefront of news like this, anticipating changes and reacting accordingly. We have talked at length about the importance of diversifying your marketing channels, being careful not to place all of your eggs in one basket. Facebook, much like SEO or email marketing, has evolved.

But in that evolution and in the midst of many marketers dialing back their Facebook strategy, there lies an opportunity.

Despite rumors of teenagers leaving Facebook for other platforms, all generations show an increase of Facebook signups and engagement. Facebook news feed algorithm update tweaks a user’s experience to increase satisfaction, a user only sees things that apply to them, which essentially means that the people who see your posts are most likely to engage with you.

As brands are decreasing their efforts on Facebook, and more research shows us what exactly people are engaging with, this is the moment where your brand page can shine. Fight the fatigue and learn all the smart ways to reach your audience.

We’ve recently showed you the top 4 photos you should always consider posting to your Facebook page. Here are some other quick tips to bump up the engagement:

  • Ask questions: Facebook users are opinionated users. Research has shown that status or link posts with an accompanying question that asks for simple either/or answers (yes or no, agree or disagree, etc.) gets more engagement than statements.
  • Be human: It sounds simple, but it’s rarely practiced. People like to connect on a human level, not at the level of an advertiser. Talk about things that really matter, and cool off on the overtly promotional messaging.
  • Give them a reason to like your page: Just as you generated signups for your email list with some sort of reason to do so, the same goes for asking people to like your page. It’s not enough to simply list your Facebook page address on your homepage– now, you have to incentivize people. “Like our page for updates in your industry” or “like our page for sales announcements,” or “like our page for boundless amounts of cat videos.” You get the idea.

Ready for some in-depth advice on managing your Facebook presence? For a limited time, you can download our FREE Facebook checklist (originally priced at $9.99) to help you really crack down on a new posting strategy that will increase your page engagement and give you the social media referrals you’re looking for.

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