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Reduce Cost Of Facebook Ads With Relevance Score

Reduce Cost of Facebook Ads with Relevance Score

If you’ve accessed your active Facebook ads within this past week, you may have noticed a neat little feature called Relevance Score.


Gone are the days of having to figure out on your own just how well an ad is doing. There were a few things you could look at, from impressions, to CTRs and average CPM (cost per impression), but you had to rely on your own intuition to determine if those ads, in general, were “good” or just permissible within your own campaign of ads.

This new scoring method is designed to help brand marketers get a better understanding of their ads’ performances with a simple number between 1-10, with 10 being the most positive. The number is developed through an algorithm that measures a small variety of performance indicators, like conversions, click-throughs, video views and even negative feedback like “hide ads” or reporting an ad.

Seems the complexity of social media ads are finally catching up to the maturity behind search engine ads like Google AdWords.

Facebook says that the scoring will take into account each ad’s different objectives, as well as how the ad performs against competitors with similar objectives.

Simply put, a higher relevancy score will mean less overall cost to you. Not that you’ll spend less on an entire campaign, but having a very effective ad can mean lowering the price of your cost per lead or conversion. A highly targeted lead per click (considering your bid price is kept constant) is something many, many marketers always strive to achieve in online campaigns.

What do you think? Is this new scoring method helpful or hurtful to your social media ad management? Leave a comment and let us know.

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