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41 of the Best Sites for FREE Stock Photos

The perfect stock photos for your website, blogs, and social media posts are out there… but it can be a daunting task to find them. What’s worse, it can be EXPENSIVE. Due to legal issues and monstrous penalty fees, you don’t want to just use your favorite images from a cursory Google image search.

So, how do you find beautiful stock images without the often outrageous prices? Turn to websites with FREE high quality photos!

Below, we show you exactly where to find them.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of websites where (at the time of compiling this list) you can get gorgeous stock images that in most cases charge no royalties or fees (although in some cases, you will need to give attribution to the photographer).

Bookmark or favorite these websites and never worry about expensive stock photos again!

  1. BigFoto
  2. Crow the Stone (no longer available)
  3. Cupcake
  4. Death to the Stock Photo
  5. Designer Pics
  6. Epicantus
  7. Foodies Feed
  8. Free Nature Stock
  9. Free Stock Image Point
  10. GetRefe
  11. Good Free Photos
  12. Gratisography
  13. ISO Republic
  14. Jay Mantri
  15. Jeshoots
  16. Life of Pix
  17. Little Visuals (no longer available)
  18. MMT
  19. MorgueFile
  20. Moveast
  21. New Old Stock
  22. FindA.Photo
  23. PicJumbo
  24. PickupImage
  25. Picography
  26. PikWizard (new)
  27. Pixabay
  28. Plixs
  29. Public Domain Archive
  30. Re:Splashed
  31. RGB Stock
  32. Skitter Photo
  33. Smithsonian
  34. Snapwire Snaps
  35. Splitshire
  36. Startup Stock Photos
  37. StockVault
  38. StokPic
  39. Travel Coffee Book
  40. Unsplash
  41. UPICM (no longer available)
  42. Wylio

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