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What Does Having A Compelling Social Media Presence Mean?

What does having a compelling social media presence mean?

Social media — by now you’ve heard this term used so often that it’s hard to believe that the “explosion” of social media really only came into popular usage several years ago, despite the Internet being around since the 80’s.

People have been connecting to each other online for a long time, via AOL chat rooms, ICQ, online forums and so forth; but it wasn’t until Facebook and Twitter came around, that having a social media profile became synonymous with having an email address. Everyone had one–why didn’t you?

And now, with many businesses jumping into this frenzy, it’s become apparent that social media has become an integral part of our connected lives. Hashtags are appearing in our favorite shows, every business wants you to like their Facebook page, and even prospective employers are wary if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile set up.

But even as the necessity of being on social media is growing, so is the need to “stand out” above the rest. After all, with so many choices of accounts and people to follow, like or connect with online, what makes you so special?

Culled from mounds of available online research, here are a few reasons why users opt to connect with brands on social media:

  • Stay up-to-date on special company announcements or changes in the industry
  • Inspiration to be healthier, wealthier or happier
  • Humor to break up the mundane work day
  • A friend suggested that they check out a certain brand
  • Stay closely connected to a brand they love

Nowadays, it’s simply not enough to have a great quality product. Businesses and startups utilize every aspect of social media to get their name and product out there, amassing a following of interested prospects to eventually lead them through the purchasing funnel.

Yes, word of mouth is still an effective form of referrals and generating leads. But couple that with social media and you’ve given every satisfied customer a large online megaphone to tell their friends about your company.

The team at Art of Online Marketing has been at the forefront of the social media movement, staying closely connected to what social is doing now for businesses, and where it’s potentially headed. Our team is made up of wide range of abilities, from traditionally trained marketing professionals with knowledge on the industry as it has transformed through the years, to young professionals eager to always be in-the-know on current trends and enjoying the breadth and depth of data available for them to dissect.

While we work closely with primarily small businesses, we stay engaged at the helm of bigger companies, like Rich Dad Advisors and Entrepreneur magazine. Utilizing the knowledge gleaned from a variety of businesses that use social media, our team is apt to provide new and existing clients with current and impactful information to take their social media marketing to the next level.

If you’ve decided to finally take your social marketing to new heights, then you’ve come to the right place. For a LIMITED TIME, we’re offering a $549/mo special for the first 10 customers who sign up for our services. From increased page traffic, to custom graphics, our team is able to provide you with a wealth of services designed to make your brand stand out above the rest. Check out the full list of what you will receive here, and then contact us for a free consultation.

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