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What the Search Engine Sees on Your Website

To get the most out of your website and by that I mean to gather the most viewership to your website, it’s important to consider how the search engines see your website.

The novice website builder spends much time composing a website with graphics ranging from simple to complex. However, the search engine does not “see” or reference any of those graphics. The only information that search engines sees are the source codes of the website. A picture of the car your website is focused on will not be referenced and thus have your site categorized for that particular subject.

This is important because just understanding that principle has a huge effect on you search engine ranking and in turn the performance of your website.

Something else to consider is that search engines do NOT like complex websites. They prefer simple. For the search engine, the simpler the website is the easier it is to categorize the type of website it is. If the search engine can properly categorize your website, then your site has a better chance at ranking in the upper levels of the keyword phrases that apply to the category of your website.

These are just a few points to consider for those with a website, especially seeking business web development. The Art of Online Marketing is a website optimization firm that offers many services related to online marketing with a staff of search engine optimization consultants. No matter the purpose of your website, gaining as many viewers to your website is always the intent. Contact The Art of Online Marketing to see how they can help you meet that end.

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