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Growing Your Business on the Internet

You have a business but how do you grow it online. Of course the first step is to take your ecommerce web site development idea to the Internet. But after you’ve built your site and have a web presence, how do you make sure your website is effective in gaining viewership…because after all the site is on the Internet to be viewed by as many people as possible.

Something to consider is the uniqueness of the content on your site. Sites that primarily serve non-unique, non-valuable content run the risk of not being able to rank on search engines, even if classic on and off page factors are performed acceptably. The reason is that search engines simply don’t want thousands of copies of Wikipedia or Amazon affiliate websites filling up their index, and thus use algorithmic and manual review methods to prevent this.

Search engines constantly assess the effectiveness of their own results. They measure when users click on a result, quickly hit the “back” button on their browser, and try another result. This indicates that the result they served didn’t meet the user’s query. Business web development sites need to be aware of these search engine practices in order for them to compose content that is unique and “valuable.” It’s not enough just to rank for a query. Once you’ve earned your ranking, you have to prove it over and over again.

The Art of Online Marketing is website optimization firm that offers strategies and tools for effective online marketing. If your desire is to not just be on the Internet, but be on the Internet and viewed by as many people as possible, contact The Art of Online Marketing.

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