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FREE Webinar: Crafting Compelling Email Messages

Let’s face it, email marketing has gotten a bad rap thanks to spammers. In an effort to “SELL SELL SELL!” spammers have all but ruined it for small businesses attempting to reach out to their audiences via email.
However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on email marketing! When used properly email campaigns help you build relationships with existing customers and new prospects.  In fact, because email is so cheap to send, it can provide a staggeringly high return on investment.
Tomorrow (August 1st, 2013) we’re hosting the second webinar of our Magnetic Email Marketing Series.  In this free session called, Crafting Compelling Email Messages, we’ll help you learn to write attention-grabbing subject lines and email content so you stand out in the sea of daily emails we all receive.
We will show you powerful and persuasive techniques that will get people to open, read and even respond to your emails. When done correctly email marketing allows you to nurture relationships with existing customers and drive new prospects into your sales funnel. And who doesn’t want that? This free webinar is one you won’t want to miss!
Can’t make it? No problem, register anyway and we will send you a recoding of the webinar. There is an additional perk to all those who attend, however. When you RSVP for free today and join us tomorrow you will automatically be entered into a contest to receive a complimentary email marketing design template. There is no better way to start a new email campaign than with a fresh new look that will grab your reader’s attention!
So what are you waiting for? Register NOW!
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