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Getting The Most Out Of Your Website Copy

Getting the Most Out of Your Website Copy

Powerful website copy makes it easy for a reader to find the information they are looking for.

Making information easily, and in some cases instantly, available is of paramount importance on a website.  I always encourage the use of bullet points, clear spacing/formatting, italics, and bold fonts.  Using each of these methods (often within the same piece of writing) draws the reader’s attention and helps them focus.  What should be highlighted in this manner?  The most important things you think a reader should, or needs to, know.  This is especially important since people tend to skim rather than read, and by using these methods you can still control what they see.

Powerful website copy always includes a call to action and invites the reader to participate or interact with the business (i.e. make a phone call, register an email address, fill out a form).

At the end of every article, at the top of every page, or at the bottom of every page of your website (as well as all of your other marketing materials) there should appear a call to action.  What is a call to action?  It is a short phrase/sentence directing the reader to act.  “Call now!”  “Don’t wait – space is limited!”  “Email us for a free estimate.”  Whatever it is you would like your prospect to do, state it declaratively and consistently on all of your materials.

Powerful website copy helps organically optimize a website’s page by seamlessly including key words and phrases that are commonly used on internet search engines.

Key words and phrases are those terms that a user enters into a search engine when they are looking up specific information.  Many times this includes the product or service, as well as the geography they live or work in.  For example, if I need an oil change, I may type in “oil change in Irvine, Ca” into Google.  Knowing what terms your prospects are using can help you optimize (drive traffic to) your website.  By using these terms in your web copy (they must appear multiple times, and be written into a sentence – the closer to the beginning of the sentence the better), you are organically strengthening your website’s searchability and, over time, can help drive additional traffic to it.

If you would like help crafting powerful copy for your website, call us today at 800/764-8528 and ask for Rebecca!

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