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Bots, the Internet and Your Website

In general, search engines use software to scan the Internet for content. The software that they use is called spiders, crawlers, robots and bots. These bots are the gathers of information/content on the Internet that is composed on a webpage.

For the Internet to be indexed, the search engine needs tools that are able to visit the various websites; navigate the various websites; process and interpret information on websites; and add that data to its index. That software has to be able to follow links from one website to the next so that it can continue to gather information without end. If done properly, the result is a comprehensive index of information based on the query of the user.

The internet has been operating for some time but unfortunately the software that search engines use to add content to their databases is not “state of the art.” Their software has not been upgraded from the early versions of the web browsers. So “bots’ have a very limited scope to their functionality. Because of this reality, “bots” are only able to grab information that is visible to them. Information that “bots” reference come from listed page titles, meta tags, meta data and textual content.

For a small business seo to be effective, knowledge of the mechanics of the “bots” and how it relates to search engines and the internet is key. The Art of Online Marketing is a search engine optimization firm that is familiar with the mechanics of the Internet and search engines and applies that knowledge to the many facets of online marketing that they offer. For a search engine optimization quote, contact The Art of Online Marketing to see how they can improve your site’s viewership.

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