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The Importance of Trustworthiness

There was a time, not long ago, that almost anything could be on a website and housed on the Internet. Because most people believed what they read, the relevance and value of a website was almost assumed. As time passed, and some website site builders took advantage of the lack policing for relevance and value in website content for a given subject, the need to include a way to screen for that developed. Now search engine screening for the trustworthiness of the content in a website for a particular search is applied. In fact, websites that earn trusted status are often treated differently from those who have not. Many firms that provide services in for social media for companies have commented on the “double standards” that apparently exist for judging high importance sites vs. newer, independent sites. For the search engines, “trustworthiness” is most likely because of the links your domain has earned. In other words, if you publish low quality, duplicate content on your personal blog, then buy several links from spammy directories, you’re likely to experience undesirable ranking placement. Having a site on the Internet is not a guarantee that your site will be found and seen. The trustworthiness of the site is only one component of the viewership equation. With search engine optimization cost at affordable rates, The Art of Online Marketing provides strategies to maximize your website effectiveness. They are skilled at a wide range of online marketing techniques including social media for seo, website site design and copywriting.

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