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What Is Your Site Used For

When considering the type of website you want on the Internet, one important thing to consider is the type of site you want to present. Questions like “Is the intent of the website to perform business?” Or, “Is the intent to provide information?” Or, “Is your site to provide instruction?” are important especially to the small business seo. One of the main reasons defining the intent of your website is important is because the way your site is found via search engines are divided into three main categories. The “transactional searches” are done to conduct some type of exchange for goods or services. Transactional searches don’t necessarily involve a credit card or wire transfer. Signing up for a free trial account at with an antivirus provider, creating a Gmail account, or finding the best local restaurant are all transactional queries as well as actually purchasing a good or service. The “navigational searches” are done to surf directly to a given website. In some cases, the user may not have the actual URL address of the website desired so the search engine provides possible relevant websites based on incomplete information given by the user. The ‘informational searches” involves a wide range of queries that include anything from the color of Snoopy eyes, to directions to the local theater, to the Vegas odds for an upcoming sporting event and everything else in between. The Art of Online Marketing is a web development firm that provides affordable search engine optimization rates. They understand the inner workings of the various search engines and will apply that knowledge to maximize your website viewership for whatever intent it is made for. For information on how The Art of Online Marketing can assist, please click here.

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