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Get Found on the Internet

For those seeking an effective development website presence on the Internet, it is important to consider that not all websites are treated alike. For example, websites that earn trusted status are often treated differently from those who have not. Most search engine optimization consultants agree that there is an apparent “double standards” in judging so called “big brand” and high importance sites in comparison to newer more independent sites. For the search engines, trust most likely has a lot to do with the links your domain has earned. If you publish low quality, duplicate content on your personal blog then buy several links from spam-oriented directories, more than likely you will have ranking issues with your site. However, if you were to post that same content to a page on Wikipedia and get those same spam-oriented links to point to that URL, it would likely still rank very well…this illustrates the influence of domain trust & authority. Building “trust” through links is also a great strategy for the engines to use. Some duplicate content and a few questionable links are more likely to be overlooked if your site has earned hundreds of links from high quality, editorial sources like or However, if your site hasn’t yet earned high quality links, judgments may be far stricter from an algorithmic view. The Art of Online Marketing knows this and provide Search Engine Optimization consulting services to their clients. If you’re looking to “get found” on the Internet, contact The Art of Online Marketing to see how they can assist.

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