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How To Engage Your Reader

How to Engage Your Reader

Powerful website copy instantly engages a reader. 

Quite simply, you need a hook.  Just like it’s best to include an intro paragraph in an essay, and an intro sentence in a paragraph, with web copy you have to include a title (usually referred to as a “header”) at the top of every written piece.  This title needs to contain the following elements:

  1. The article topic
  2. The point being made in the article
  3. Key words/phrases

As an example, we can break down the “title” of this blog post as follows:

  1. The article topic: “Powerful Website Copy”
  2. The point being made in the article: “How to Write” it
  3. Key words/phrases: “Powerful Website Copy”

Powerful website copy keeps a reader’s attention all the way through.

Keeping a reader’s attention is no easy feat.  Doing so requires that, as a writer, you are conscious of the following things: sentence length, word choice, order of ideas, and the needs of your reader.

First, make sure you have a mixture of short and long sentences.  Short sentences give a point some punch, but too many in a row may not sound sophisticated.  Too many long sentences in a row and you run the risk of being too boring or difficult to understand.

Second, chose words your readers will understand.  Do not burden them with the language of your industry unless they also work within your industry.  Use layman’s terms to help readers better understand your point.

Third, make sure your ideas are presented in a logical and easy-to-follow manner.  Creating a detailed outline prior to writing will help you accomplish this.

Finally, make sure you highlight the items your prospects care about most, not what you care about.

Powerful website copy appeals to the needs of the reader, not the writer/business owner.  It always highlights the benefit to the buyer, not the seller.

Prospects seek out information because they have a specific need.  Your goal as a writer should be to demonstrate as quickly as possible how you can meet that need.  When it comes to marketing, which website copy is a big part of, what the prospects need to hear/see should be placed at the highest level of importance.  In order to do this, you must know your audience.  What ages are they? Gender?  Education level?  Are they homeowners?  Married?  Children? Etc.  Each of these details can help you determine what things your audience cares about most, and those are the items you should highlight on your website.

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