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Your website is like an employee that works for you 24/7/365.  You don’t have to pay it much, and it never complains.  Unfortunately, it also never barges into your office and says,

“HEY BIG BUSINESS OWNER! I need some attention here. It’s me, your website. I know you’re busy, but I’m flailing in the wind out here.  I could be doing my job 1000% more effectively if you just…”

Just what? Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.  You have bills to pay and people to manage and….and….and…isn’t the website FINE?  Maybe.  If you just don’t look at it. NO!  Wrong answer. You could be spending a little bit of time and money to make a whole lot more.  Your website could be shortening your sales cycle, offering customer support, bringing in new business 24/7/365. That’s called Marketing ROI, baby!  That’s how businesses are built without burnout. If you hate your website because:

  • It’s ugly.
  • It’s outdated.
  • It’s not doing its job.
  • You can’t update it yourself.
  • No one is visiting it.
  • You’re not getting any leads — or worse — you are scaring off people who are impressed by you in person

Then it’s time to do something! If you know your website needs a major overhaul, we suggest you start with a Website eBlueprint. That way we can give you a firm quote of what it will take do update your site.  If you’re not sure…maybe your website just needs some tweaking, start with a Website Audit.  Both programs will get you back on track, helping you fall back in love with your website — and maybe with your business too!


Feel free to ask any questions.

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