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WordPress has evolved into one of the most widely used content management systems (CMS).  Ideal for small business web development, more than 45 million websites are now powered by WordPress. WordPress’s success can be attributed to a number of things including:

  1. Customizable themes: With WordPress, the look and feel of the site is managed in a “theme”. Don’t rely on bland off-the-shelf themes. OWN your brand! We can develop or customize a theme that is as unique as you are, with plugins for SEO and social media to make sure your website is found. The Art of Online also offers social media for companies and SEO services to drive traffic to your business website.
  2. An easy-to-use administration panel: Users can make changes to your WordPress website instantly – with little or no experience. We can create different user groups with different security permissions. (So some people can even write content, but not publish it.) We also include Word Press training with every installation. One hour is usually all it takes to get your or your people comfortable with the system.
  3. Fantastic ROI: WordPress is free and most plugins are free. But free can be frustrating. What happens when you need help? Do you really want to be responsible for the WordPress Website Maintenance and Support? With our help, you can get fantastic ROI. We’ll help your site to stand out, be found in the search engines, and be the basis of a sound marketing strategy.

WordPress websites allows you to take charge of your website, but there is one critical thing that the software lacks – someone who understands you and your business. At the Art of Online Marketing we build  Orange County WordPress websites from a marketing perspective and our tag line is, “we build the last website you’ll ever need!” Not only will we create a beautiful WordPress website, as a website optimization firm we will work with you to optimize and accelerate your sales cycle. Already have a WordPress website, but tired of not having someone to call when there is a problem?  You aren’t alone!  That is why The Art of Online Marketing offers reasonably priced hosting along with superior customer service.  Are you ready to take charge of your website?  Contact us for a free quote or order an eBlueprint for your website today!


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