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Google Cares If Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly, And You Should, Too

Google Cares if Your Site is Mobile-Friendly, and You Should, Too

It comes as no surprise when you learn that mobile app usage and mobile search has increased drastically from 2013 to 2014, outpacing desktop usage. More people than ever are logged in to the convenience of the mini-computer in the palms of their hands.

With the increase in mobile search comes with it the need for mobile-friendly websites. What good is landing on the first page of Google, if your page isn’t optimized for viewing on a phone or tablet? The world’s largest search engine is asking that same question, too, and it’s being reflected in how it is ranking sites.

In their quest to always tweak in the interest of their users, they’ve added “mobile-friendly” tags to certain sites that have passed Google’s recommendations for what constitutes as mobile-friendly. While Google Webmaster is taking it upon themselves to reach out to active accounts alerting them if their site meets these requirements or not, you can test it yourself with their Mobile-Friendly Tool. Once you’ve met all the criteria, you should receive a mobile-friendly badge next to your site whenever you appear in a search.

Add this to your list of things you need to do to optimize your site for SEO.

Remember, this benefits you and your business, too. Providing a pleasant mobile experience can increase conversion and generate leads from prospects. If users can’t read what’s on your website, they’ll be turned off and immediately and head elsewhere.

Need help producing a mobile version of your website? Let our team help you make your website mobile friendly or responsive. Contact us here or call us at 800-764-8528 for a free consultation.

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