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Graphic Checklist: 11 On-Page SEO Basics

Graphic Checklist: 11 On-Page SEO Basics

Panda. Penguin. Pigeon. While it sounds like the P section of a Sesame Street-inspired zoo, it’s just a short string of the many Google search algorithm changes that have made headlines around the web.

It seems like every week you look, Google tweaked their search functions just one more time, confusing not only many small business owners, but SEO consultants as well. But as many experts in SEO know, there are a few things that will never change.

There are many articles explaining things you must do in order to stay afloat on SEO changes, but let this checklist serve as your base. Below is our infographic explaining the foundation of a well-optimized website, no matter what algorithm changes come our way. Use this as a checklist to audit your site every so often so you can weather any upcoming storm.

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