Monthly Archives: February 2012

Tips On How To Get More Traffic With SEO

Building a website without doing something to drive in traffic is like building an office that has no roads leading to it! No matter how beautiful it is, without traffic – no one will see it. To be successful in building an online presence, you must have both a beautiful,
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What’s Your Marketing Grade?

Hubspot replaced their popular online website evaluation tool, Website Grader, with the new and improved Marketing Grader. Why? Because – your website is only one component of your online marketing presence. You will often hear us say that your website is your online storefront. If people can’t find it then it doesn’t
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Amplify your social media content

A special thanks to Social Reflexion for creating this infographic, and to Steve Wiideman for sharing it on Pinterest. What I love about this particular graphic is how much you can amplify your message by working with multiple social media sites all at once. The question isn’t, “Should I be
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Hold Yourself Accountable To Your Marketing Goals

If the Mayan’s were right, 2012 is your last chance to follow through on those New Years resolutions. If the end of the world isn’t enough to make this your best year yet, then find what motivates you to finally accomplish your goals instead of recycling them year after year.
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