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How To Utilize The Holiday Spirit In Your Marketing Campaigns

How to Utilize the Holiday Spirit in Your Marketing Campaigns

Holidays are a time for family, friends, traditions, and sentiment. Most of us think of the holidays and are instantly flooded with memories of putting up lights and decorations, buying gifts for loved ones, and sitting around the dinner table for special feasts. But while the holiday season is filled with joy and merriment, it can also be stressful to find the right gifts!

Sometimes all we want to do is beg companies to reach out and tell us, “This is it! Buy this, and they will all love it!”

The only problem is, while we’re all in the holiday spirit and ready to buy, no consumer wants to feel forced or manipulated by the business they’re purchasing from. Instead, the holidays are the perfect time for marketing to meet sincere sentiment and emotions.

Often, when we hear the word “emotions” we think of tears and sadness, but humor can be just as effective! The best way to sell a product is to make it relatable, and nothing is more relatable than holiday traditions. This season, infuse your marketing with the holiday spirit and tug on your audience’s heartstrings. Center your campaigns around the events we all know and love!

Some examples include decorating the house, cooking special foods, or traveling to see family. These are all scenarios that everyone can relate to, and when they see your ad it won’t feel like just another business competing for their money. Instead, your ad will be personal and it will become their story instead of your sales pitch.

The goal with marketing – particularly during the holiday season – is to show the consumer that you’re speaking right to them, and that you’re thinking of their needs and how you can help make their lives easier. When your marketing hits these emotional strings, you create customers for life and loyal brand ambassadors who will naturally spread the word for you.

The holidays, more than any other time, provide the best atmosphere for emotion and sentiment to be received through advertising. People are already in the holiday spirit and looking for the perfect gifts to buy. All you need to do is capture them!

To get help with creating your holiday campaigns this year, call our team of marketing experts today at (800) 764-8528.

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