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Holidays And Giveaways, The Match Made In Heaven

Holidays and Giveaways, the Match Made in Heaven

How to Run a Holiday Giveaway on Social Media

The holidays are here and it’s no secret that more and more people are doing their shopping online.

It’s more convenient, easy to compare deals, and shopping online allows you to look through more options from the comfort of wherever you are.

While consumers take en masse to the web looking for the perfect gifts, you can grow your audience and your social media engagement as well as boost your sales by kicking off a holiday giveaway.

There are two basic types of giveaways:

  1. Reward a customer with a free gift after they make a purchase
  2. Choose something really exciting that people will want to try and win

Option 1
This is a simple add-on that you can do to inspire trust and loyalty from your holiday patrons, and earn potential future business from them! People are already in the giving spirit, and to be rewarded for it makes them even happier. You can advertise that you are giving away this free gift across your social media channels, to your email list, post it on your website and ask others to share the news to spread awareness and boost your sales.

Options 2
This is a contest and a giveaway wrapped in one. You want people to engage and share this all over social media, and you also want to be able to track the success. Here’s you to do it…

Step 1: Choose something to give away that will really excite your target audience.

Step 2: You want to run your Giveaway through an online contest software such as Gleam, WooBox or the countless of others out there. Gleam comes with convenient features such as setting up rules and entry methods, tracking entries, and automatically delivering results to you all in one contest platform. This is important because manually trying to keep track of social media likes, comments, shares, and follows is incredibly time consuming and overwhelming.

Step 3: Once you have your contest set up, you will be provided with a link. Share it across your social media! For Facebook, you can create a special tab for your contest to live under. This will increase your contest exposure, which means more potential entries and prospects later down the line.

Step 4: Now all that’s left is to promote your contest! To engage your audience, create and schedule posts for your social media that summarize the contest and include the link to where they can enter. Bonus tip: try to keep it simple, or people will give up on entering your carefully-constructed contest.

Step 5: When the time is up and you have your results, all that’s left is to notify the winner and total up your new followers and engagement!

In just five easy steps, you can grow your brand awareness and social media following like never before.

For more help on setting up a holiday giveaway or contest, call our expert marketing team today for a free consultation at (800) 764-8528.

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