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Social Media And The Holiday Season

Social Media and the Holiday Season

holidayReady or not the Holiday Season is upon us. The exciting and stressful time of year can mean great things for your small business, but you need to have a strategic marketing plan ready to execute. If you’re only now thinking of a strategic marketing plan for the Holiday Season, then act fast because before you know it the year 2011 will be knocking on your door. On average people spend 42 hours shopping and celebrating during the holiday season, according to Consumer Reports. How many hours are customers dedicating to your business? Drive customers to your holiday specials and reward them for being a valued customer. A great way drive customers to your small business during the Holiday Season is through social media marketing. Are you or your customers talking about your product?

Social Media Influence on U.S. Holiday Shopping Behavior Dec. 4-7, 2009; n = 425 Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations Source: comScore 2009 Holiday Shopping Survey


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