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Time Saving Marketing Automation

Time Saving Marketing Automation

As small business owners, we understand that “time” is the most valuable resource we have. As you probably already know, to run a successful business you need to be able to manage your time effectively.
Too many new business owners hit the ground running before establishing time saving systems and try to make up for it by looking for short cuts. Resorting to quick-fix, short cuts in processes is not an effective long-term time management plan and can generate negative results for you and your customers.
As you grow your business, it becomes increasingly important to have well established systems that allow you to maintain relationships with existing customers, and market to new ones. Investing in a fully integrated and automated marketing system is the key to getting the most out of your time.
The past three years have seen a surge in the number of businesses using automated marketing systems, but there are still far more businesses without an automated system than there are businesses with one. Nevertheless, the adoption of marketing automation technology is expected to increase by 50% by 2015, according to Sirius Decisions. Check out the marketing automation infograph below to learn more.
At The Art of Online Marketing, we use Infusionsoft to automate our systems. We love this fully integrated system because we can store all of our data in one place and don’t have to use multiple systems for marketing campaigns. We have saved tons of time and money, and even boosted our revenue since we made the switch to Infusionsoft over a year ago. We are so pleased with the results that we became an affiliate.
Whether you are about to start your own business, or need to rethink the way you run your business, Infusionsoft is a system that is worth looking into. If you want to learn more about Infusionsoft or need help getting started then please contact us.
To see the full infograph visit Focus Inc.

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