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Why You Should Add Live Chat To Your Website?

Why You Should Add Live Chat to Your Website?

Some people dread talking on the phone, and it’s especially true for younger consumers who are entering the market. Most of them would rather converse with friends on Snapchat before dialing their number. And the same would hold true for when it comes time for them to reach out to a company to ask questions or receive assistance.

Recent studies have shown that visitors who engage with a website via a live chat system are more likely to not only buy, but buy more than the average visitor. And, a live chat system on your site adds customer service features that sometimes a phone can’t offer — like sending a link, offering thought-out responses that don’t get jumbled on the phone, and more. Some people may be calling you from a loud and crowded area, and some people may struggle with language or hearing. Being able to type these days is more than just lazy convenience; it’s becoming a necessity.

Read our article on for all the reasons why you need to add a live chat system to your site, and to see some of our suggestions on tools to use.

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