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Don’t Let Cyber Criminals Put You Out Of Business

Don’t Let Cyber Criminals Put You Out of Business

March 2, 2017 at 11am-12pm PT
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Companies, regardless of size, rely on critical business data to succeed and flourish.

What would happen to your business if someone accessed your data and sold it to criminals for identity theft or credit card fraud? Or they held it ransom not letting you access your own records until you paid them a fee?

What if they hacked your website and replaced your content with violent or lewd images?

Sadly, these scenarios are now a common occurrence that businesses need to protect themselves from all the time. Organizations of all sizes can face significant financial losses if they lose sensitive data and in many cases the costs to recover can literally put them out of business.

Come join us for an exciting discussion between Aly McFarlane, Managing Partner at Benchmark Information Technology and Rachel Perlmutter, Co-Founder of The Art of Online Marketing who will discuss how small and medium sized businesses can protect their business from devastating effects of data breaches.

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