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1.2 Billion Internet User Name And Passwords Stolen

1.2 Billion Internet user name and passwords stolen

bigstock-Internet-security-and-network--44765647Recently, it was discovered that there was HUGE breach (over 1 billion records) by hackers of individual’s user name and password combinations.  They did not breach the individual’s computer necessarily… they breached the systems where you use your user name and password to log in.

This data is taken so that the hackers can steal and use our online personas for their personal benefit, or the benefit of those who purchase the information from them.

If you are using the same password for all of the websites you access that require a log in, you should immediately start to change these, especially the ones that have any personal data like your credit card, social security or other senistive information.

You should also create strong passwords that contain a mixture of upper case, lower case, digits and special characters to prevent people and software programs from easily figuring out your password.

There are a variety of password tools to help you create secure passwords and manage them safely.  Read about them here.

For more informationon this breach of records, click here.



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