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One Simple Change To Your Website That Is Guaranteed To Boost Your Results

One simple change to your website that is guaranteed to boost your results

A High Conversion Opt-In Form Could Increase Your Opt-Ins by as Much as 1000%

If you’ve ever wondered if there was a quick and easy way to make more money from your website, we’ve got the answer.  A simple “tweak” could deliver the BIG results you’re looking for in a short amount of time.

Every business owner wants to get the maximum amount of leverage to generate more money with minimal effort, in other words, get a better return on investment (ROI).  A high conversion opt-in form is the KEY component you need to generate more leads fast.  An opt-in form integrates with an email mail out service, usually offering a free gift as an incentive to get users to subscribe to your mailing list.

Example from

Once you have an opt-in form set up and an email list started, you can send out a lead-generating newsletter that promotes your offers and your business.

You might be thinking, “But, I already have an email list.”  However, there is a world of difference between an opt-in form and a high-converting opt-in form.  Check out some of these stats:

  According to a 2008 Study, time-delayed hover boxes were able to increase opt-ins by as much as 1000% on websites that previously only had sidebar opt in forms.

  In 2012, Social Media Examiner grew its list by 234% just by adding an extra popup form to its site.

  The CEO of blogging platform Hubspot found that adding an extra opt in form to a site could double the amount of opt ins it generated.

  According to, the typical popup opt-in form converts about 15% of all visitors to a blog.

  According to Ion Interactive, only 22% of business owners are happy with their current lead gen rate.

Example from

The evidence is there, if you want more leads, you need to get high-converting opt-in forms on your site.  Studies show that opt-in forms can get more leverage, generating massive amount of leads with very little effort!

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