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Do You Need To Treat Your Sick Website?

Do You Need to Treat Your Sick website?

Do you need a medical intervention for your sick website? Do You Need to Treat Your Sick website?Nearly 95% of all websites are suffering from some type of illness. The illnesses can range from a very mild cold to a serious case of the swine flu!  Some websites even need immediate hospitalization, an IV drip and to be admitted for same day surgery! Even a slight web cold can result in lost traffic, less website conversions and ultimately LOST sales! Before you know what type of medication or homeopathic treatment (otherwise known as editing your website) is needed (we prefer more natural methods) you need to know how to properly diagnose your website’s overall health to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with it so you can bring it back to optimum health. This blog post is part of a “Web Marketing for Small Business” series that will include 21 different posts discussing a variety of website conditions that range from a mild cold to “call the paramedics!” Now don’t PANIC; if you find your website or web editing software has more than one of these conditions below, you are NOT alone! These symptoms are NOT fatal, unless of course you leave them untreated. This Small Business Sales and Marketing series is designed to give you some tools for effective web development to help you diagnose and TREAT at least one of the symptoms your website may be suffering from, and just like a “real” illness, without proper treatment, this mild website cold will become serious, resulting in lost opportunities and sales.  So, if that is NOT a big concern of yours and you think just having a website, no matter how sickly it is, is enough, the post that will follow are definitely NOT for you! If your site needs a “check-up” take our website quiz at: To  your website health….

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