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Saving Time And Money On Web Site Editing

Saving Time and Money on Web Site Editing

Do you love your website?  I mean, it’s branded, easy to navigate, generates high conversion rates automatically using great built-in marketing tools, and basically gets an A+ for getting the job done?  If you answered yes, congratulations and well done! If I ask you whether making changes to your website is easy, fast and friendly, would you still rank your website an A+?  If this is where you falter, because you have to: 1) Prepare changes for your developer 2) Get the changes to your developer 3) Wait for your developer to make the changes 4) Proof the changes 5) Wait for the revisions to be made and 6) Pay your developer costing you significant time and money over the course of a year? If so, you may want to consider a solution that allows you to do web site editing without involving a developer. An online CMS program can help you make updates to your website quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.  In the same amount of time it takes to e-mail the change to a developer, you can make the change yourself.  If you are comfortable using MS Word, you will be comfortable with most almost any web editing program. Saving Time and Money on Web Site EditingI recommend The Art of Online Marketing’s EZ Website Manager.  It is an online CMS that gives you a CMS backend for your existing website (that you already love and want to be able to maintain yourself).  The beauty of this particular program is that part of the service is the installation and maintenance of the actual online CMS software, so you don’t have to take the time to download, integrate, maintain and troubleshoot the software yourself.  There is a support team that will set it up for you and make any other necessary website changes you may have at the same time.  Then you are off to the races updating text, images, audio and video as often as you want faster than ever before! It’s fast, easy and inexpensive to get set up and has saved so many people money and needless frustration caused by waiting for changes that they can now make themselves.  Unless you are big enough to have an in-house web developer on your staff, I definitely recommend you check out the web editing program EZ Website Manager at

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