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Business owners: Are you leaving money on the table?

When it comes to looking for more ways to bring in extra revenue, most owners don’t even think to look inside their own business. Apple went from being known as the brand that sold personal computers in the 80s to now having a plethora of similar yet distinct products. Now
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3 pricing methods to increase sales in your business

Whether you’re struggling to meet sales goals for the end of the month, or thinking ahead about increasing sales within the next year, take a break from marketing and sales techniques and look at your business’s cash flow. You don’t have to add a lot of time or inventory to
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Getting Started: It’s OK To Be Terrible

It’s OK to be embarrassingly BAD at it… Really. We all think our natural talent should shine through the first time we do something. I wish….but life doesn’t work like that. I’ve been continually pushing myself out of my comfort zone this summer. I’m finding there are SO many things I’m embarrassingly
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Ask Jane Corwin About The Importance Of Domains

Normally I wouldn’t talk politics, but when there is a marketing blunder on the campaign trail I simply can’t help myself.Meet Jane Corwin. She was a New York Assemblywoman running for Congress. If her elegant website and well written copy on is any indication of her character, then she
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