Monthly Archives: February 2014

3 ways to awesome-ize your website!

Mobile websites are still HOT, and only getting hotter, so we hope you have made the switch to a responsive or mobile-friendly website. If not, we suggest you make that your first priority. (And of course we can help!) But that aside, what if you want to be even
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3 things your business needs to do to its videos on YouTube

By now, you already know that video marketing is very important for your business, because YouTube videos are SEO-friendly and give customers an additional way to engage with your content. Sometimes reading a blog post online is just not as effective as a video with sound and moving images. These
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3 things your company needs to do in SEO

By now, we have all heard the phrase “Content is king.” If that is so, then 2014 is the year that the Web kingdom has many, many kings, and the only kings that survive in this world are those with strong and consistent voices. But all that aside, search engines
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