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3 Ways To Awesome-ize Your Website!

3 ways to awesome-ize your website!

Mobile websites are still HOT, and only getting hotter, so we hope you have made the switch to a responsive or mobile-friendly website.  If not, we suggest you make that your first priority. (And of course we can help!) But that aside, what if you want to be even more cutting edge?  If you’re ready to take the leap to the land of awesome websites, we have three great suggestions for you to awesome-ize your website. 

1.     Create a mobile app for your business’s superfans

There are some major differences between having a mobile-friendly website and having a mobile app that your customers can download from the App Store onto their phones. While a mobile-optimized site is intended to format your online brochure onto different-sized screens and capture the attention of those who searched for your brand via their phone, a mobile app can do so much more, especially for your super-users. Your customers can view and manage their relationship with your business on the app, for instance, dental appointments, progress reports, tracking, etc. Also, apps have the added benefit of push notifications, where you can essentially alert your customer on whatever they’ve opted in to hearing about.

2.     Embed engaging videos onto your website

These could either be your videos or other videos you find your web visitors will be privy to. Videos can increase the average time spent on your website, and longer visits generally mean better conversion rates. Use videos to educate your customers about your products or services, or post videos that you find that are informative or entertaining (but still align with your brand). Videos are also a great way to inform visitors who have grown weary of reading content online. BONUS: Host a Google Hangout (a video chat hosted by the Google platform) where your customers can come and ask you questions live, and embed the video on your website.

OK, we didn't create this video, but we DO think it's FUNNY — and ALL TOO TRUE!!!


3.     Like a library, be a resource with free things

This is tied to your content strategy, but have you ever wondered to yourself, how can potential visitors know just how awesome your products or services are? Storytelling. Creating engaging posts. Offering free stuff. That’s right. Give a sample of your products or services for free. Are you a dentist? How about a downloadable PDF children’s book on brushing teeth? A florist? Offer to mail your visitors a visual guide to caring for flowers in a vase (BONUS: You’ve added to your mailing list!). A personal trainer? A template of a workout journal or nutritional diary that you use for your clients. Every business has something free to give out aside from content — what’s yours?

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