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  • Google Profile Questions:

  • Search Engine Optimization Questions

  • The following questions apply to Search Engine Optimization and how potential clients or prospects or partners may find you online:

  • Geographic Areas

  • Now try to prioritize! Look over the list you just created and try to pick out specific services you do that are most important to your business or that are the most profitable, or the services you enjoy doing most, bring in the best clients, etc. Said another way, what keyword phrases SHOULD your business be coming up in the search engines for that relate directly to what you do, or want to be doing more of?
  • Competition: Please list and any all of your competitors (using their website URL that you would like us to consider when creating your SEO campaign, especially if you feel they have done a good job with their website or you know their website comes up a lot in Google. These are at least some of the people we would want to beat with an SEO program, so don’t leave out anyone you know you want to beat. [Examples: #1 Competitor, #2 Competitor, #3 Competitor]
  • Budget or Budget range: Our SEO programs have a wide range in terms of cost and are based in large part on your budget or budget range. Our typical programs for SEO start at $600/month and can go up from there depending on how competitive your industry is and how large of an area you cover. Paid marketing (Pay Per Click /Adwords) is another helpful online marketing strategy designed to drive short term traffic and refine the SEO campaign. Knowing your monthly budget or budget range helps us develop the most appropriate online marketing recommendations, so please think about this and give us some idea as to what your budget for online marketing would be.

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