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The Mobile Micro-Moment Has Changed Digital Marketing Strategy Forever

The Mobile Micro-Moment Has Changed Digital Marketing Strategy Forever

Every day, mobile devices are becoming less of a luxury and more of an extension of ourselves that we can’t live without. We rely on our phones to wake up in the morning, remind of us our calendar schedules, communicate with the family, and even get in an extra five minutes of work when we wait in line or stand at the ATM. Meanwhile the rise of mobile consumerism has revolutionized the world of marketing, and if businesses don’t keep up they’ll be left in the dust of their competitors. That’s where the mobile micro-moment comes in.

As consumers, we’re bombarded with pesky ads and marketing messages more than ever before. So what do we do? We tune them out! Mobile devices let us engage online on our own terms, which means when we aren’t looking for ads we feel like they’re more annoying than helpful. That’s why context is key when it comes to marketing on mobile.

Micro-moments are the small spaces in between when consumers are open to marketing influence. It’s when they want some help with informing their choices or making decisions. In other words, micro-moments are when consumers search their mobile device thinking, “I want to know”, “I want to go”, “I want to buy”, and “I want to do” moments. If your business wants to cash in on these moments, it needs to:

  1. Be there – Anticipate and prepare for the micro-moments of consumers in your industry.
  2. Meet their needs – Be relevant for what consumers are looking for in the moment.
  3. Be fast and efficient – Mobile users want a quick and smooth experience. Don’t keep them waiting with a slow mobile site or a shopping cart with too many steps.

Micro-moments are your time to shine as a business. They are the mobile opportunity for you to be there for a consumer who’s looking for what you provide, and to fill their need without time to waste. For more information on micro-moments, check out this helpful resource. And if you’re looking for help on how to take advantage of these mobile marketing gems, we’re offering a free consultation! Call us today at (800) 764-8528.

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