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Infusionsoft Fall 2011 Release Highlights

Infusionsoft Fall 2011 Release Highlights

As small business owners, we understand how critical it is to be efficient – without being impersonal. We are always looking for ways to save time, make money and still provide excellent customer service. For these reasons, last year we made the switch to Infusionsoft, which we feel is the best automated marketing system out there.  Yes, the switch has been a little bumpy, but fortunately, the product keeps getting better, and we keep on learning!

Infusionsoft does a great job listening to the needs of their customers and then following through with frequent product releases to make sure those needs are met. Infusionsoft’s Fall 2011 Release has some features that we are super excited about. One of the primary goals of the product release was to make building a strategic marketing campaign faster and easier. The company was able to do this with an improved Campaign Builder, an Interactive List View, increased Email Deliverability, New and Enhanced Reporting, E-Commerce Set-Up Wizard and other new features.

Campaign Builder

Building a campaign in Infusionsoft has always been a “sophisticated process” – meaning it took many steps on multiple screens, but as long as you did all the steps, you’d have a beautiful result. The new Campaign Builder makes the whole process way smoother and gives you more control.

The new Campaign Builder includes:

  • A “Big Picture” view of the campaign – You can see how the campaign pieces work together to automate the marketing process and easily access the individual pieces to edit them.
  • Added Flexibility – In the prior version, campaigns could only be started by a form being filled out on your website. Now, you have many options to trigger a campaign – new lead, prospect converting into a customer, actions taken – it’s your choice.
  • Visual Status Tracking – Red light/green light indicators make it clear what needs to be finished before the campaign can be launched.
  • Built-in Reporting – View campaign click-through response rates and completion numbers from the campaign view. You can also use the Campaign Stats widget to monitor multiple campaigns at once.

Interactive List View

The Interactive List View is replacing the default standard Grid View.  You can still use the Grid View for the time being, but the Interactive Live View appears to be more user friendly. It is also customizable so you can display the most important fields for each Saved Search list.

The Interactive List View allows you to:

  • Add or View Notes
  • Update Tags
  • View and create a Task or Appointment
  • Update Follow-Up Sequences
  • Send an Email

Email Deliverability

Infusionsoft was already an industry leader in email campaigns, but now the company claims to have boosted email deliverability above 99% and made sending speeds up to 20 times faster for high volume email broadcasts.

New & Enhanced Reporting

Infusionsoft has three dashboards in Beta that are awaiting your feedback. They include:

  • New Dashboard Reports – AFlash-based reporting system with dynamic visual reports that display key performance statistics in graphical format with flexible filtering options.
  • Email Dashboard- A way to better target your audience with a comparative analysis of email engagement and complaint trends for Broadcasts and Follow-Up Sequences.
  • Opportunity Dashboard –A stage to stage conversion report that allows you to analyze lead distribution by sales rep and stage, as well as quickly see estimated revenue totals for these leads.

E-Commerce Setup Wizard

The reorganized step-by-step ecommerce Setup guide is intended to make the process of setting up an Infusionsoft shopping cart more intuitive.

For a visual walk through and to learn more about these and other enhancements check out the Infusionsoft Webinar. Not using Infusionsoft ( ) yet? Then consider making the switch so you can start saving time and money. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

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