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5 reasons YouTube May Not Be A Good Choice For Video Marketing

Video Marketing was fairly out of reach for many small businesses until YouTube came along. Many success stories came out of the exponential popularity of YouTube. The problem is those success stories have caught the attention of large competitors with large marketing budgets. With more and more businesses getting on YouTube, it is becoming increasingly difficult for smaller businesses to stay competitive. Video Marketing is a must for online marketing, but YouTube may not be the best option for small business anymore.  The following is a list of five reasons why this may be the case for your business. Competition Not surprisingly there were often professional masterminds and deep pockets behind many of the YouTube success stories, like Old Spice.  Otherwise, more often than not YouTube videos lack a professional tone. How many ridiculous YouTube videos have you watched? Advertizing In the past few years YouTube has become heavily populated with advertisements that can appear in unwanted places, including as a banner on your video. This increases the likelihood of visitors clicking away from your video and onto a competitor’s website. Not Highly Optimized Although YouTube can help your videos jump to the top of search engines, it may not be effective enough to drive people to your website.  Furthermore, the videos you embed on your website aren’t automatically optimized, so web crawlers that boost your search engine ranking aren’t able to detect them. Overall Appearance YouTube’s overall appearance has always been a little cluttered and unprofessional. Over the years this hasn’t changed, in fact, it may have gotten worse. Also, customizing your YouTube Channel can be difficult if you want to go beyond just minor changes. Little Loyalty Despite the influx of businesses, YouTube hasn’t really catered to their needs.  This is probably because YouTube continues to be a free site, so there is no incentive. As such, often times YouTube can be just as much of a distraction to visitors and there is no tech support for users who have problems. YouTube is still a valuable resource for businesses and marketing, but there appears to be a need for a video sharing website that is more tailored to businesses.  What will be the next big thing in video marketing?

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