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Using Social Media Marketing Help Generate New Prospects

Using Social Media Marketing Help Generate New Prospects

Social Media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and the other hundreds of social networks out there, can be great avenue to help your business generate tons of traffic to your company website. Increased traffic means new prospects and new prospects means more business.

The first step to keep in mind when using a social media marketing strategy, is to have a clear plan. Your plan should be very specific, for example: I would like to use Social Media marketing Tools to build brand loyalty and I will focus my efforts on my blog, Twitter and Facebook. From there you can break your plan down into action items that should include day-to-day tasks and goals as well as long term goals.

Using Social Media Marketing Help Generate New ProspectsBegin generating quality content that your target market is interested in. For example, share your answers to the top 3 questions that customers ask you, share interesting news articles (even if you didn’t write them!) that pertain to your industry, and share any bit of information that will capture people’s attention as it pertains to your product or service (including your opinions and critiques).

Post your quality information across your social networks! Based on our previous example, if you are focusing on blogging, Twitter, and Facebook, write a blog post regarding your answer to a specific question you hear again and again. Take your post and share it using a link from your Facebook and Twitter pages back to your blog. Repeat this process anytime you have something to share with your audience! You should also be using Facebook and Twitter daily to share any bits of information you come across.

It is easier to manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts if you use Social Media Management Tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.  These 3rd party applications let you accompish your Social Media Management very quickly by allowing you to update your Twitter and Facebooks accounts simultaneously, or pick and choose which one you want to focus on.  Hootesuite also allows you to schedule your updates for a future date which can really help when planning and implementing a Social Media Management strategy that includes new product rollouts and events.

Through repetition, you will begin to notice more traffic to your webiste, your blog, and even your Facebook page! All of the back links to your website from your blog and the social networking sites will help you drive traffic to your website.  It’s now your chance to take this traffic, these new prospects, and convert them into customers. Leverage the relationship you have created with them in order to sell your product or service.  Social Media is a great way to generate sales from these new prospects who were attracted to you because you discuss things they ultimately want to buy!

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