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I wanted to make sure I took time out to recognize a company that I would consider a real company with real people who take care of business real good. Our story is simple. I was in charge of building the companies website on a very important project that would supply us another channel of leads for our firm. After a lot of research, I settled on Godaddy’s Website Tonight Program. As always, things started out on track but somewhere along the way, Godaddy dropped the ball. I can simply say we were so fortunate to get connected with Terry at The Art of Online Marketing. The difference in the two experiences were night and day. Additonally, they did more work outside the scope of our request and they rushed it so we could get online as quickly as possible. I was able to learn the backend of the site with in about 2 to 3 hours after fiddling around with the links. It does so much more than we suspected and will allow us to grow the business with out investing more money today. The customer service was probably the number one thing I can point out as both Terry and the developers were on the project and I even got emails and phone calls over the weekend. I truly can’t say enough about their efforts and feel more than comfortable referring them to anyone regardless of the project size.

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