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I worked with Rachel Perlmutter in a coaching group of 20 people, so I had the opportunity to listen to the advice she gave to all the members of the team. Rachel is an amazing expert in marketing, especially for social media. Her support was not limited on two or three points. She gave us her full knowledge without holding anything back. And it was awesome to listen and learn. Rachel knows how to create value for her students and customers in a short period of time helping them have big wins.

I appreciated working with her and will do it in the future again. Thank you Rachel for always having an answer to my questions.

Adrianne’s presentation to the Madison International Trade Association was engaging, informative and right on target! She relayed her experience in developing and implementing social media strategies in a way that was useful and accessible to our audience. She’s a great speaker!

Her presentation was one of the most well attended of MITA’s program year.

I enjoyed the content of the Webinar. I found it consistent with what we need today worldwide with respect to marketing. I really enjoyed participating, noted many tips, and when the other will be there.

Although I’ve been using social media marketing for several years, I learned many new things from this training and got excellent tips and resources to “up my game” in the social media arena. I was able to fill in many blanks about things I never took the time to learn due to time constraints because the program is so user-friendly and allowed me to watch a complete module as well as repeat short segments I needed most. After completing The Art of Online Marketing’s Social Media Marketing Implementation Training, I feel much more confident that I am doing everything correctly and I’m getting a lot greater results! Thank you for the awesome program!

Thank you for the informative mini lessons that you provided with Brinkster… just finished all three. I took notes and I’m off to practice some of the key points that I wrote down. Can’t wait for Sept. to learn more.

Rachel and her company, The Art Of Online Marketing, have done wonders for my company. I have learned so much about how to use the web to network professionally with others and move my company to it’s greatest potential. Rachel has great integrity and is a true professional. I highly recommend The Art Of Online Marketing for your business.

Adrianne provided an excellent review of our current webstore, marketing plan and overall approach to marketing. Her results found several keys areas that were lacking and allowed us to transform our website into a lead generation station. We jumped to the top of the SEO rankings and found more traffic and hits to some of our key marketing campaigns. It unified our approach to the channel and helped branded our company name. Her professionalism, company and overall knowledge are priceless! Contact her today to get your webstore and marketing working for you.

Rachel’s guidance has been utterly invaluable. As a small business owner looking to grow, I was unsure of the next steps to take, and just knew I was missing a vital link in my marketing strategy. I felt overwhelmed and frustrated by my futile efforts. Rachel’s business savvy and straightforward approach have helped me formulate clear plans for taking my business to the next level. I just love the way she helps me find solutions that fit my specific situation, and to look at marketing with a keener eye. I can already see progress, and now I feel focused and excited about what the future holds!

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