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Social Media Audit – How Are You Doing?

Discover How to Make Your Social Media Pages a Better Lead Generator and Sales Conversion Tool for your business with our…Social Media Audit!

As your business grows and changes, it’s important to grow and change your social media presence too.  Do you want your social media platforms to reinforce your brand messaging, attract potential customers and lead to more sales?

When you take advantage of our Social Media Audit, we’ll prepare a customized report that gives you vital information on your company’s overall social media health, plus recommendations that will help you get more followers and engagement. Your report will include:

  • Which social media platforms you’re on – If you don’t have enough social media presence or if you have pages you weren’t even aware of and looking after, it could damage your online reputation!
  • How many followers you have – Is anybody out there to hear what you have to say or see the fabulous posts you share? The number of qualified followers you have greatly affects your reach.
  • If your social media pages are branded – Your business needs branded pages, or no one will recognize you as you! What’s more, if your branding is outdated, a fresher look could earn you more credibility.
  • What business information you have on your pages – Missing vital info like the link to your website or your business hours makes it harder for your audience and prospects to know who you are and how to contact you.
  • How consistently you’re posting – Simply having a social media page for your business is NOT enough! We’ll look at how consistently you are posting to show newcomers that you’re still around and to stay top of mind with current followers.
  • If your content is engaging – Likes, comments, and shares will get your posts in front of more eyes and means people are interested in what you have to say. This will also help widen the scope of your audience, which means more potential prospects for your business!
  • If you’re interacting with the people responding to you – Don’t leave the people who are commenting on your page hanging. Every interaction is an opportunity to gain a loyal customer.

This work is designed to help you understand where some of the social media marketing holes may be and give you suggestions for where you can make improvements, either to your social media accounts and posts, or to your online marketing strategy and online profile as a whole.

We are not an online marketing factory, meaning unlike other online marketing companies who work more on the “volume” approach, we create long term relationships with our clients and take time to educate and become a resource to you.  We consider ourselves your online partner and take a personal interest in your online marketing success!


Feel free to ask any questions.

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