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If you already know you need a new website – or a major remodel – then it’s time to hire an architect to draw up the website blueprints.

Because we haven’t yet developed mind-reading capabilities (and readily admit we will be the first to sign up for that technology when it becomes available!), we recommend that clients purchase the Website eBluePrint before signing up to buy a complete website. It’s no different than hiring an architect before you bring in the contractors to build your house.

Yes, we have lots of “standard” websites we can implement for you to keep the costs down, but regardless of what you choose – standard or highly customized, it’s important to do this discovery so you get exactly what you want at the price you expect.

Every website company has to do this discovery as part of the website development, but they bundle the pricing into the whole website – which is fine, except it locks you into working with them and it leads to surprises and unexpected expenses down the road.   We believe in building the plan, then working the plan.  It reduces both cost and risk!

There are very few web development firms that will allow you to be active participants in designing your website without locking you into a building contract. That is because they don’t want to you to shop around for better options.

We are confident in the products and services that we offer so we will design a website blueprint without locking you in. If you do decide to have us build your new website, we will let you apply $250 of the total cost of your website blueprint to any website development project over $1,500. This purchase is NO RISK. After ordering the Website eBlueprint, we’ll set up a conference call and go over the steps of the process. If there’s not a fit for any reason in that first meeting, we will happily refund your purchase 100%.

The $595 website blueprint is only available for small websites with fewer than 20 pages of content.  If you need a quote for a larger site or a site with sophisticated workflows, please contact Terry Silberstein at terry@artofonline.com.


Feel free to ask any questions.

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