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How Effective is Your Website? No. of YES’s = No. of NO’s =

The truth is that if you answered “NO” to even ONE of these questions, then you are losing business. Your website is your online store front. If your window display doesn’t quickly grab someone’s attention, there is a good chance he or she is going to pass you by. Find out what you can do to grab their attention and start making sales by signing up for a website audit. We will give you a road map that shows how to improve your website so that it is educational, engaging, and regularly attracts new and return customers.

Our comprehensive web audit will provide you with feedback and a site plan that you can execute yourself or with our help. Understand what you’re missing out on when it comes to:

  • Creating a strong, positive first impression
  • Ease of use – can people find what they came for?
  • Catching the eye of your readers with strong visual appeal
  • Attracting traffic from the search engines (SEO)
  • How you can keep people coming back for more

We’ll even give you a detailed eBlueprint (up to 30 pages) that you can use to build your new website. If you decide to use us to implement your eBlueprint, you can apply the total cost of the website audit toward any website development project over $1500.


Feel free to ask any questions.

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