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When it comes to selling online, Infusionsoft is one of the best tools available. If you already have an eCommerce business that you manage through multiple systems, then you will love this fully integrated system that stores all your data in one place. Not only will you save time and money by making the switch, you will undoubtedly boost revenue. Infusionsoft offers four primary features that will ensure your success:

  • An intuitive Shopping Cart that does far more than just transactions. Infusionsoft’s behavior based targeting shopping cart features will allow you to upsell and send personalized follow-up messages to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat sales.
  • An automated receivables system that will simplify billing and collections. Infusionsoft automatically sends invoices to clients and allows them to make a quick and easy payment with a credit card or PayPal. It will also automatically send out messages for overdue balances or failed payments.
  • A subscription system that manages recurring payments. Infusionsoft automatically sends renewal notices and gives you the option to create additional campaigns.
  • A strong partner and affiliate program. Infusionsoft enables you to generate new leads and sales by effectively managing partners, tracking referrals, calculating commission, and sharing marketing resources.

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