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Magnetic Email Marketing: Free webinar series

“It’s a very safe bet that email marketing will beat all your other marketing methods in terms of return on investment.”

From Harvard Business Review
Why Email Marketing Is King

Magnetic Email Marketing Webinar Series

This summer, in partnership with IT Managed Services Provider Brinkster, The Art of Online Marketing is presenting a Magnetic Email Marketing series. This series is designed to help people understand why email marketing is still so important, how to generate an email list, how to craft the perfect email campaign, and what services are best to use.


Webinar 1: Harnessing the Power of Email Marketing – Recording Available

  • Why email marketing still works
  • Metrics for why companies continue to use email marketing
  • Disclaimers and need-to-know government rules on email marketing
  • Why not to use your personal email / Outlook
  • Which email service providers to use

Webinar 2: Crafting Compelling Email Messages – Recording Available

  • Subject lines that make or break your success rate
  • How and when images are appropriate
  • Best times to send emails
  • Which calls to actions boost clickthroughs
  • How to generate real leads

Webinar 3: Growing Your List, Measuring Results – Recording Available

  • How to embed email forms into your website
  • The secrets to getting email subscribers from social media
  • Leveraging other people’s lists
  • What is ‘split testing’ and how it helps you
  • How to adjust your strategy based on your email tracking reports, interpreting “what’s normal” for your industry


Feel free to ask any questions.

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